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On March 18 has been signed the Grant Agreement n. 800687 – DEtection of Steel DEfects by Enhanced MONitoring and Automated procedure for self-inspection and maintenance — DESDEMONA – between the European Union and ‘the coordinator’ SAPIENZA University of Rome, and the following other beneficiaries Universidad de Castilla – la Mancha (UCLM) Universidade do Porto …


INCIPICT @ ofcconference

Presenza record di INCIPICT ad OFC 2018, la più rilevante conferenza mondiale di comunicazioni ottiche (https://www.ofcconference.org/en-us/home/), che si svolge a San Diego attraendo oltre 15000 partecipanti da ogni parte del mondo. Il team di Incipict conta una presentazione su invito [1], tre contributi orali [2-4], e l’organizzazione di un workshop (https://www.ofcconference.org/en-us/home/program-speakers/workshops/when-will-we-need-to-scale/). Vi saranno inoltre ben …


INCIPICT presents Software Defined 5G Converged Access @ ACP2017

Software Defined Mobile Networks and Software Defined Access Networks bring programmability principle into mobile and optical domains. INCIPICT research on 5G Access Network proposes an integrated mobile-optical control approach with the aim of demonstrating advantages in terms of resources utilization efficiency. A work showing energy efficiency advantages in 5G Software Defined Converged Networks has been …

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