The core of the INCIPICT Project is the construction of an experimental optical network to build a MAN – Metropolitan Area Network – that consists in an Optical Ring to connect the main and the most important sites of L’Aquila City.

Innovative Wireless Technologies

INCIPICT represents the context for testing advanced and pervasive wireless technologies, necessary to prepare the support layer for innovative applications and provides research on techniques solutions for reduction of energy consumption and increase of transmission speed (and bandwidth).


Large relevance is also the component relating to the development of a specific middleware that allows abstracting the components of the heterogeneous network and offering uniform access methods as independent as possible from the specific underlying technology.

5G Experimentation

Innovative reconstruction L’Aquila city, a 5G experimental ecosystem

Laboratory of Optics and Photonics

Testbed for fibre-optic Space Division Multiplexed transmission of INCIPICT