At the base of the INCIPICT project there is the construction of an experimental optical network to build a MAN – Metropolitan Area Network – that consists in an Optical Ring to connect the main and the most important sites of L’Aquila City. These sites certainly include the strategic node of University of L’Aquila, in addition of other important sites like PA buildings. Noteworthy is the presence, in the area of the Villa Comunale, of the headquarters of the Gran Sasso Science Institute (GSSI), a higher education initiative, recently launched by the Ministry of Education.

The Optical Ring involves the use of some experimental technologies that are designed to test new optical systems in particular long-reach PON & software defined optics, to name only the main ones.

This network will also provide the essential substrate for the construction of advanced solutions for the delivery of services such as high-quality HDTV or ultra-fast on-demand cloud services, sensor networks and mobile services. In particular some services can be used in dangerous situations:

  • real time tracking and localization (network or satellite)
  • health care systems offering outpatient services
  • location-based emergency-management services
  • proximity location services can direct the users at the nearest place for the first assistance