Progetti Correlati

CHRoMOus – Cultural HeRitage Monitoring Sensors” in the executive program between Italy and Sweden from 2014 to 2017, signed in Stockholm on the 12th of September

Vision – Video-oriented UWB based Intelligent Ubiquitous Sensing” FP7 “Ideas” Specific programme ERC Staring Grant 2009, 2010-2015

  • Costo totale del progetto: 1.173.680 €

Presto – ImProvements of industrial Real Time Embedded SysTems development process” Call ARTEMIS JU 2010, 2011-2014

  • Costo totale del progetto: : 8.662.934 €

Crafters – ConstRaint and Application driven Framework for Tailoring Embedded Real-time Systems. ” Call ARTEMIS JU 2012, 2012-2015

  • Costo totale del progetto: 17.861.802 €

KHE-STO: Know-How Enhancement for Sustainable transportation organization.” KHE-STO has been financed by IPA Program which is focused on the cooperation in the Adriatic area.

  • Costo totale del progetto: about 1.000.000 €

H2020 European project “CHOReVOLUTION – Automated Synthesis of Dynamic and Secured Choreographies for the Future internet.” Call: H2020-ICT-2014-1, Topic: ICT9 – Tools and Methods for Software Development, Type of Action: RIA

  • Contributo totale richiesto alla UE: 3.057.549 €

Casa+: progetto proposto da A.I.P.D. concepito ed organizzato al fine di verificare le reali possibilità e capacità di vivere in autonomia delle persone con disabilità cognitive.