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ISSISA – Innovative Steel Structures Integrated by Sensing and Automation for self-inspection and maintenance

Call of the research program of the Research Fund for Coal and Steel 2015 RFCS-2015 Items where the proposal may have an impact Research Fund for Coal and Steel Call: RFCS-2015 Topic: RFCS-02-2015 Type of action: RFCS-RPJ Proposal number: SEP-210299425 Proposal acronym: ISSISA   Inspection and maintenance of steel and composite structures is an important …


Awarded to researchers at the University of L’Aquila the “Best Application Paper Award” of the European Control Conference 2015

The European Control Conference (ECC) is organized every year under the auspices of the European Control Association (EUCA) and with the technical sponsorship of the IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS) and the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). The conference aims to combine academic and industrial expertise in automation in order to promote scientific cooperation …


INCIPICT website is online

Welcome to the website of INCIPICT project. The project’s full title reads as follows ‘Innovating City Planning through Information & Communications Technologies’. This project comes from the conviction that the rebirth of the city of L’Aquila can not ignore the construction of an innovative communication network that allows every subject to access information in an …

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